Antharas Raid

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Antharas Raid

Post by Kiyonas on Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:16 am


One of the six dragons born of the union between Gran Kain, god of destruction and Shilen, goddess of darkness, Antharas' attribute is earth.
In the distant past, Shilen gave birth to six dragons, which she sent to the forefront in her war against the other gods. After Shilen was defeated and retreated to the world of the dead, the gigantic beast Antharas nested deep within Dragon Valley in Giran, waiting for the day of Shilen's resurrection.
The humongous size of Antharas far surpasses that of all other evil beasts. Even a very powerful sword would not easily inflict damage upon the body of the dragon, so densely is it covered with rock-hard scales. Beams of light emitted from the monster's eyes cause those who gaze upon it to freeze in horror. Antharas is fittingly regarded by all adventurers as the ultimate symbol of pure terror.
Rather than anxiously waiting to defend against Antharas' dreaded return, the protectors of the land of Aden are hastily recruiting the bravest citizens for an anticipatory strike against this nearly invulnerable beast.  

CP PartyTank or DD/
extra Healer    
CP MemberKalicaMerkelKiyonasLithionelRaavLambriozaKariyajin
Alt NameKalicaMerkelKiyonasLithionelRaavLambriozakariyajin

Required Level
95-99 (QUEST REQUIRED - Audience with the Land Dragon)

Nest of Antharas

Level 104

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