Pupsilein 86 Aeore / 90 Wynn is saying hello

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Pupsilein 86 Aeore / 90 Wynn is saying hello

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:43 pm

Hi Guys,

i am an ingame friend of Arokh.
I played L2 in the earlier times for around 6 Years on the Server TEON.
Actually i started playing, around 4 weeks ago. Im looking for an CP-team, or some people for normal ingame playing and some talking in TS.

Now some facts to me:

Name: Marco
Age: 32 Years
Country: Germany

Ingame Char: Pupsilein
Online: at the weeks normally 5:00-11:00 pm. European timezone.

Now some facts, why i am writing here:
Like i said before, i am an friend of Arokh. Im playing time by time with him and he asked me if i were interested at an CP.
When i play MMOs, normally i want to play in Partys, thats why i started L2 some weeks ago again.
In the old L2, gaming without partys were near impossible. So youre running mostly around with other people.
Actually this isnt anymore like the "good" old times. Since my last 4 weeks of playing L2 again, im leveleing solo for around 90-95% of the time, which is really boring.
So at all, i would be happy, when i can be a part of your team too.

What is important for me:
Because of my age and my little Daughter i have, im looking for people who see some fun in the game and who are patient to other people.
Im looking for an "fmiliar feeling" in an game, not for beeing the best and that i need to be Nr. 1.
I dont like Bots and the Trash kiddietalk from herochat.

I hope thats enough about me.
At all i prefer the talking in TS instead of writing... (My gramar sucks to hard) Very Happy

with kindly regards Wink


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Re: Pupsilein 86 Aeore / 90 Wynn is saying hello

Post by KariyaJin on Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:47 pm

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